We are an independent programmatic media agency.

Our passion is to service brands and agencies with media strategies and targeting in the world of data-driven advertising.

We bring together a rich mix of cultures and skills. But we share three things in common:

an absolute passion for data,

an obsessive focus on our clients and partners, and

the courage to create bold and successful campaigns.


We are the driving force behind our clients’ ability to rapidly bring big, bold and brave ideas to market.


We aim to be our clients’ most trusted strategic partner and advisor in the world of data-driven marketing.

Bülent Cakir

Managing Director

As the company’s founder and Managing Director, Bülent is responsible for building and maintaining long-term business relationships with agencies and advertising companies. His international MBA degree for which he studied in Sydney and Hamburg, enabled him to work in a range of positions, including as a strategic consultant for IBM. Following this engagement, he founded his first online marketer.

Christian Ratsch

Managing Director

As eComCon founder and Managing Director, Christian is the creative brain for data-driven processes and technology. He is passionate about the power of data and providing clients with the deepest insights he can possibly find. Christian is one of the initial programmatic marketers and has worked at several international companies and Beiersdorf before founding eComCon in 2012.

Sandra Poltier

Head of Client Partners

Meticulous and detail-oriented, tactical and logistical, a planner and leader, Sandra delivers exceptional service and value on a daily basis. As Head of Client Partners, Sandra understands how to navigate client challenges, leading the team to deliver impactful, innovative campaigns. Having spent more than 10 years focused on Performance Online Marketing and Real Time Advertising, Sandra is as passionate about her work as she is in life.

Coa Saroff

Head of Business Development

Coa brings a unique blend of international client management, business strategy and creative leadership to eComCon. As Head of Business Development, Coa taps into her global experience and network to establish and deepen new business relationships with agencies and clients. Having held positions in global operations in the U.S. Coa has worked for The Walt Disney Company, Aegis, and Omnicom. Coa is passionate about the power of strong team dynamics and the influence of positive organizational culture.