Founded in 2011, our purpose is to support clients with strategic thinking and audience precision in the world of data driven marketing. 
Using the full potential of Programmatic: across channels, disciplines and devices is what we call PROGRAMMATIC EVERYTHING.
Results are campaigns that create a media-spanning presence: display, mobile, video and native are complemented by innovative concepts for addressable TV, digital out-of-home, and digital audio.
Today, eComCon is a leading Programmatic media powerhouse with a track record of turning data into knowledge and insights into growth – for clients and their brands – 100% independent.




Size matters. Does it?

It's all relative - what seems large to some is too small to others.

For us it's about the needs and requirements of our clients. We are big enough to serve our clients 24/7 on an international scale, and small enough to keep the headcount and costs down. What matters most is to be your trusted partner "in the room next door".